Hopefully our FAQ can help. If not, give us a call!

Read through our Frequently asked Questions (FAQS)  items below to help answer any questions you may have about our store products and services.  If you have any other questions please email us through our Contact Us page.

Where do we park?

Although we do not have a dedicated parking lot, as we are a home business, our customers usually park without toll on 5th St `A` East, which is only several meters around the corner from the store.  Additionally, our customers may choose to park in a designated parking space across the street on 2nd Avenue East, which is even closer to the store. Unfortunately this is one of the greatest problems we hear about for our location.

What is a refurbished computer?

Our refurbished computers are mostly Off-Lease, Military Grade, Business Class 'ReNEWED COMPUTER' often with added RAM or other upgrades to meet current demands.

Do we sell Apple products?

We don't sell or service Apple Computers, however we are preparing ourselves for repairing Apple tablets and phones and other mobile gadgets.

Average Time for fixing computers?

Generally we have repairs done within 3 business days. Occasionally due to staffing issues, an extreme period of infection activity or a new set of problems occurring, we may get a bit backlogged.

All about fees for fixing computers.

"Repairs @ Reasonable Rates" is more than a slogan with us, we really trying to keep our service prices reasonable. Some repairs can really involve a great deal of time especially when data and hard drive issues are involved. We attempt to recover data here avoiding the need of going to the specialist forensic hard drive companies which start at $800 and UP. We have a fairly high success rate. But we do not own all the specialized equipment to rebuild the many different hard drives, and if ones data is critical, these folk can rescue much of the data, but again it is an expensive and time consuming process. Our policy is if a repair is going to run beyond $150, ($175 if it is a screen replacement with the current US exchange rate) we will call and discuss the problem.

What do you think about Microsoft Windows 10?

Microsoft`s newest Operating System, Windows 10; is a fresh, speedy, impressive and capable Operating System. The new OS takes organizing, multi-tasking and customization to a whole new level.  The new design is sharp, fast, and very user friendly. We`re sure that the return of the famous `start` menu will excite most of those still using the Windows 8 (8.1) platform. Windows 10 is still having growing pains and glitches. The upgrade process can be an extremely awful experience for some. That being said, having a professional install the fresh OS is highly recommended.  There are a number of compatibility issues with some hardware and chipsets, and although Microsoft and the many manufactures have been working for months on the remaining issues, some manufactures’ have no intention of releasing new drivers, some are no longer in business and others just do not work well with other hardware in the Windows 10 environment. We STRONGLY recommend backing up ALL of your important data before upgrading to a new Operating System.  Of course, we can handle all of the above for you at a very reasonable cost or recommend how to proceed if the issues cannot be resolved.  Please don`t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Windows 10 warranty notice

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