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Need Computer Help or PC Service?

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff team have a diverse set of skills which we update on a continuum with changing technology. Our combined years of diverse experience make our team ready to meet most challenges.

Our devotion to quality and dedication to our customers, helps us build long term relationships and transparent business practices. We strive for friendly and honest service every time; we offer "Repairs @ Reasonable Rates".


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Our Services

PC/Laptop Virus & Malware Removal

PC/Laptop Virus & Malware Removal

WAIT! Don’t just discard that infested computer! Close that window and please put your laptop back on your desk and give us a call! We have a very effective and seasoned approach on removing even the worst of Virus's, Malware infections, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP’s) and most other buggy variants. (Ransomware which encrypts ones data and demands payment, may not be recoverable even if the ransom is paid, some very nasty people are writing these programs) We also repair windows after the removal of these nasty problems. With every clean-out and tune-up we ALWAYS check to make sure you have sufficient Virus Protection. If you don't, we can install Protection Software.

computer hardware and software support

Computer Hardware & Software Support

We offer affordable solutions for all of your Hardware and Software needs. Simply pack up your Laptop or PC and stop in! If the repair is going to be hefty, we will always give you a call prior to proceeding with the repair. We evaluate your system, and in some cases, repairing a computer is just not worth it; and when it`s not, we will assist you in looking at your options.

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